Online Exercise Professional's Club

Evidence Based Exercise Prescription

Learn & Network

  • Learn and discuss relevant topics with other exercise professionals online
  • Stay informed of research and trends in exercise and sports sciences
  • Review the basics of exercise and sport sciences
  • Keep your staff educated
  • Attend study groups and review literature with others
  • Listen to speakers and engage in discussions
  • Solve practical problems as part of a group
  • Network with peers

Volunteer Opportunities

  • ​Gain experience and expertise with unique volunteer opportunities
  • Present online seminars
  • Organize events
  • Lead discussion or study groups
  • Serve as a club officer
  • Research, write, and publish articles
  • Help develop tools for exercise professionals
  • Review and edit articles and resources

Membership Requirements

One of the following criteria provides eligibility to become a member or attend meetings:
  • Practicing Exercise Professional
  • Student of Exercise Related Degree
  • Degree in Exercise Related Major
  • Guest of an attending member

Online Meetings Times

Meetings have temporally been suspended and will resume at a later date. Our past meetings have typically been held every other week at the following times on Google Hangouts:
  • 1:30 PM (PDT) / 4:30 PM (EDT) / 8:30 PM (GMT)
    • Future dates yet to be announced
Use the time zone converter to see the these dates and times in your time zone. Other meeting times will be determined by popular request. Join now and be notified once other meeting times are added.